Aristides Eliopoulos, PhD



Department of Basic Sciences –

University of Crete Medical School


Affiliated member: Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology - FORTH


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Tel: 2810-394565

Lab web page: http://mcb.med.uoc.gr



Cancer is a complex disease which is often characterized by deregulated intracellular signal transduction. Our current research explores:

  • ·Fundamental mechanisms of signal transduction in inflammation and cancer.
  • ·Inflammatory pathways driving carcinogenesis.
  • ·Metabolic pathways linking inflammation and cancer

Epidemiological, clinical and experimental data suggest that a number of human malignancies can be attributed to toxic agents and irritants or to persistent infections of viral or bacterial etiology which cause chronic inflammatory imbalance in the affected tissue. We utilize chemical-induced carcinogenesis protocols in animal models to dissect the role of the various cell types present in the tumor and analyze the signals exchanged between these cells with emphasis on the TPL2 kinase. The practical benefits of this research will assist in the improved design of novel anti-cancer therapeutics and diagnostic tools to address prevention, early detection and improved management of human cancer.

Of particular interest are studies in colitis-associated colon cancer which allowed us to identify pathways related to lipid metabolism mediating resistance to the disease. We will further explore the intracellular and extracellular roles of key proteins that regulate these pathways in disease pathogenesis using mouse and Drosophila models and cell lines.